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Two Dried Leaves


Everyone said that parenthood would be the most wonderful time. I feel like something is off, why don't I feel wonderful? Why do I feel sad or scared about this new baby? Why do I feel all alone? How come I'm having a hard time conceiving when everyone makes it look so easy? How come I lost my baby and all my friends and family around me got to have their babies? All these experiences can feel so isolating and you are looking for support in coping with the heaviness of it all.


The common challenges I address in my practice include:

  • Perinatal (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum) anxiety, depression, and mood disorders

  • Intrusive or scary thoughts, which are common to ALL parents

  • Relationship changes and challenges

  • Rebuilding intimacy and sex after birth

  • Identity and role transitions, or not feeling like yourself anymore, “missing my old life”, managing changes in our internal family systems

  • The impact of gender stereotypes on parenting and navigating challenges in the perinatal period

  • Birth trauma

  • Fertility challenges and reproductive trauma

  • Pregnancy release, loss and stillbirth

  • Grief and loss

  • Family planning

  • Managing the stress of a “new life” and changes in family systems; including working on boundaries and communication 

  • Returning to work after being on maternity or parental leave

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